Bell Times

Following a review of the structure of our day a recommendation was made to alter the start and commencement time of the day.
This is to eliminate the need of early leavers passes across the school and to bring our end of instruction time in line with the Primary School. 
We will be commencing the new bell times from the 29th of October until the end of the year.

The times will be from this date:

8:54 amLocker Bell
8:57 am                 Form Assembly
9:05 amPeriod 1
10:20 amRecess 1
10:40 amPeriod 2
11:55 pmLunch 1
12:25 pmPeriod 3
1:40 pmLunch 2
2:10 pmPeriod 4
3:25 pm

End of School Day

This should enable students travelling by bus and train sufficient time to arrive at school for the commencement of the day and to access their means of transport home.
As stated this is a trial from October the 29th through to the end of the year.
A decision will then be made for 2019. 


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