The study of Languages(Indonesian) contributes to the overall education of students in the areas of communication, cross-cultural understanding, cognitive development, literacy and general knowledge.

In this era of globilisation, Languages equip students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own and other cultures, which can greatly assist them in all fields of employment for the future.

At Trafalgar High School the LOTE course enables students to:

  • use the language to communicate with others (Reading, Writing , Listening and Speaking)
  • appreciate the cultural contexts in which Indonesian is used
  • Gain a better understanding of their own culture through the study of the people and language of Indonesia
  • Gain a better understanding of how languages work as a system

Indo Newsletter

March 2016

2016 Indonesian Study Tour 

On Monday 12th of September 2016, 14 students and 3 teachers set off on a 12 day tour across Java and Bali. Students who attended were: Zoe Arnold, Nabihah Ahmed, Lachlan Crack, Stuart Beckley, Pat Bills, Jordan Makin, Alyssa Roylance, Alisha Kotiw, Nyah Makin, Sam Simpson, Sheridyn Bell, Lucy Findlay, Zander Nash and Megan Gridley. These students were accompanied by Bu Graham, Ms Jinks and Mr Bell.

The trip was a huge success where students experienced new culture and scenery, new cuisines and also a new life experience. The first 5 days of the trip was based in Yogyakarta, Java. The first activity day students visited Borobudur temple for a sunrise tour, next was a visit to Candirejo village where they were taken to all the days activities by Dokar which is a horse and cart with two wheels. They saw the cassava food process and Mr Bell even tried ploughing the field with a traditional mattock. Students also had their chance to try Gamelan which is traditional Indonesian orchestra. The second and third days included visits to the sultans palace, Taman Sari (water castle), Prambanan, Beringhardjo market where students were able to test out their bargaining skills to buy clothing and other items. During day 4 students made their own lunch but also had to buy their ingredients from the local market speaking in Indonesian to communicate with the local sellers. Students also saw how silver is made into jewellery and other items. On Day 5 we all transferred to Bali. Day 6 was exciting for all as we spent the whole day at Bali safari park. Students were able to get photos with animals and also went on a safari of animals “around the world”. During day 7 through to 9 students saw a traditional Kecak dance, Tanah lot temple, Besakih temple and a local coffee plantation where they could try different teas and coffees. During Day 9 students visited Taman Sari Buwana Farm. Here they visited a local kindergarten and primary school, ploughed a rice field, planted rice and watched a local climb a coconut tree to pick coconuts from which they drank the water from and ate the coconut meat. For dinner, students were treated to a 3 course meal along with a surprise traditional Indonesian dancer for entertainment where they all got up and tried to dance “Indonesian Style” with the young dancer. Day 10 was a major highlight for all where they went to Waterbom park in Bali for the whole day and then later on to the cinemas to watch “Sully” in the premiere cinema.

It was a brilliant trip for all, which were in attendance, and we enjoyed the company of all students throughout the trip and we hope all the students came away from the trip with a new sense of culture and appreciation of Indonesia and have fond memories of this fantastic trip. I look forward to our next Indonesia trip in two years time!


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