This Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program groups together bright students into a single class. Students remain in their form group for most of their subjects.  In 1997, 8 Government schools provided Select Entry Accelerated Learning Programs to their students.  Trafalgar High School was the first country school to establish this type of program. The program is modelled on the successful University High School program which has operated since the early 1980's.

The program draws students from schools in the Baw Baw and Latrobe Shires, ranging from Drouin to Traralgon.

The program has been reviewed twice since in inception once in 2000 and once in 2009 to ensure that the program is tailored to suit changing needs within the program and the school. Both reviews showed high levels student, parent and staff satisfaction with the program.

Curriculum is pitched at a level that is more appropriate for these students. While the ability level of the individual students in the program does vary, the overall level of ability is high, and consequently, many class room based activities can be pitched at a higher level. We have found that students benefit greatly from being in a group with other bright students.

Students undertake a somewhat different curriculum.  In brief, they do more LOTE and Information Technology. In the third and fourth year of the program the students join the wider school community elective block (for a number of sessions per week) which offers a wide range of subject choices.

Students in the program complete the first four years of secondary education in three years. Then they can

-       complete their VCE studies in two years.

-       complete a fourth year of the program, in which the students are exposed to an enriched curriculum in Science and English and acceleration with the addition of VCE maths and two additional VCE subjects of the students choice. (Total of 3 VCE in Year 10)

Advantages include the extra subject/s bonus for their ATAR score and early preparation for the rigors of VCE

Teachers involved in the program meet regularly to share information about student progress and to exchange ideas about teaching strategies and continually review the needs and effectiveness of the program.

Transport: Buses and trains, from both the easterly and westerly directions, now stop at Trafalgar at appropriate times. Conveyance Allowance is now available to all students in the program to cover travel costs to and from school.

The selection process includes the following;

  • Assessment of general aptitude, mathematical processes and skills and written communication and creativity.
  • Proforma completed by the Grade 6 teacher
  • Proforma completed by parents / proforma completed by the student
  • Interview with the student and parents

 For further information on how Trafalgar High School is part of The Academy of Accredited Schools (TAAS), please click on the following link or you can contact our Program Coordinator

Mr. John Freyne

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