Orientation Day/s

As part of the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, students will participate in an orientation day. All government schools hold this orientation day on the same day being the first Tuesday of December. Our Orientation Day will include both theory and practical classes that allow for students to not only become familiar with what classes they will expect to attend, but also becoming familiar with the school grounds, it's facilities and the structure of a day at Trafalgar High School.

The school also holds a half day Orientation for those students that come from smaller primary schools, within the area, taking place around the start of Term 4. This day provides students with the opportunity to experience secondary school in a more intimate atmosphere with smaller classes and a shorter day. They are then more comfortable and familiar with their surrounds as they attend the full day orientation in early December.

Parent Timeline:

Friday 13th May Parents/Carers return Application for Year 7 Placement forms to primary schools by this date.
Thursday 11th August Parents/Carers may commence lodging non-placement appeals with secondary schools.
Wednesday 17th August                             
Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a non-placement appeal with secondary schools.
Tuesday 6th December State wide Orientation Day