School Production

Every two years Trafalgar High puts on a major drama production and this year (2014) it was decided to commemorate the hundredth Anniversary of the start of World War I with a revue style show. Now just the mention of a revue style show had some students scratching their heads, “What is a revue?”  “Why aren’t we doing a musical?” “What about Wizard of Oz?” Were some of the questions that were raised.

A revue style show is one where there are many different scenes, monologues, dances and songs under the same theme; in this case the theme was War and the consequences of War. The strength of this style of show over a more traditional musical is that all cast had the opportunity to have a major part in the production, even if it was just one scene or song.

Midway through rehearsals the production was hit by unforeseen circumstances and we were forced to change the venue from Moe Town Hall to the Trafalgar Public Hall, unfortunately this meant we had to change the performance dates from September to October which meant our year 12 Students were unable to perform due to the clash with exams. The junior students were given even more responsibility and they rose to the occasion accordingly, taking on new scenes and keeping their enthusiasm high.

The actual production nights were very successful with good audiences and even better performances.  The first night had a rocky start which was corrected on the second night and both nights finished with enormous energy and fun. The audience appreciated their ration packs that consisted of ANZAC biscuits, jam, vegemite, crackers and Spam. They also had lovely sandwiches and scones that were catered.

This show has given all the students who participated in it a taste for theatre and the joy of creating a piece of work that both entertains and provokes thought. I am enormously proud of the cast and crew and hope they will always remember their experience, just as I remember my first experience on stage. I look forward to seeing them produce more wonderful work throughout their high school years.

Ben McLeay

Performing Arts Coordinator


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