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What our idea is – Vine Robot

In the 21st century advances in robotics have been solving all sorts of problems that we have. Unfortunately however robots are often expensive pieces of machinery and the CFA does not have that kind of money. Luckily with our idea “The vine robot” we have solved that problem! 

The vine robot. 

The vine robot is a low cost robot made primarily out of ripstop nylon, (The same thing found in parachutes and air balloons) it is a small robot that can grow and squeeze into cracks in say, a collapsed building. Using small closable incisions on the outside of  the robot we can control the waterflow inside it, to say propel it forward or shoot water out of it. Like a remote control hose!  

How it works. 

The vine robot works by funnelling compressed air or water into it to “Grow it” This allows it to fit into very small cracks with minimal effort, and because of the simple design its also very low cost for a robot averaging under $800. We simply have to add a camera to the front and a steering mechanism inside it to make it functional as a remote controlled hose. (If you want more information on this refer to the PowerPoint here vine robot.pptx (  


This robot fixes the CFA’s problem of not having enough available members in the brigade because it can be controlled and connected to from just about anywhere. If say, a teacher is in the brigade and they get called in they can just use an app on their phone to control the robot remotely. Meaning they don’t have to leave their job to join in the fight! 


The vine robot may seem a bit over the top, however we believe it a great solution to a lot of the problems that the CFA is facing, including but not limited to: Covid Safety, not enough members, members out of town, and members stuck in jobs. Thank you for reading! 


IA – vine robot


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