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Our Solution is simple on paper, but much more complicated elsewhere. We want to make the government system that will connect to the CFA with a full-time job system as well as keeping the chance for volunteering. 

To start off, we need enough funds for such an operation, so fundraising will be one of our main focuses. We need to make it obvious to people that the government can actually fund the CFA more for this. So, we hope that we can divert funding from major fossil fuel companies to the CFA operation.  

Why we are targeting fossil fuels companies mainly as they are going to die out, whether they like it or not. But most of all the cop so much money from the government that they don’t need. 

This will come with a slow out growing, from local towns, to regions, to state and finally country. Protest will unfortunately have to be made, but for a great cause. This comes back to the money, so we are back to square one. 

To finish this off, how will we make the fundraises: fun runs and colour runs, miniature fire fighting task for kids. We can also reach out to sponsors like McDonalds for extra support. 


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