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Throughout term two, 2021, Trafalgar High School students in 7S and 8S have participated in the Broadening Horizons Program, partnered with the CFA. The students were given the challenge of finding a solution to real-world problems the CFA is facing. These included the problems of recruiting and retaining members for Gippsland Fire Brigades, and the ability of Brigades to respond to callouts when members are unavailable.

The students worked alongside and in communication with various CFA members, and mostly independently from teacher instruction decided on the solution they would investigate and how they would present this. The students and their teachers would like to thank our main CFA points of contact, Sandie Brown and Lukasz Lipnicki, as well as our local Trafalgar Brigade for their time and assistance with the program.

The students have worked tirelessly, and while they were originally aiming to present their work live, via a community evening at the school, the latest lock-down required them to adapt their presentations to an online format. Please follow the links below to view students work. Each presentation should be accompanied by a section for feedback, to allow you to give them praise for their hard work and clever thinking, as well as suggestions for what they could improve in the future. Later, students will be writing their own report comments, based partly on the response they receive from the public, so both the students and their teachers would greatly appreciate your contribution of any feedback you have.

Below you will find the list of students and clicking their names will take you to their project sites. At the bottom of the table there is a link to the mentioned Feedback form. Thank you for taking the time to view and contribute to this project.



Year  8 Student Groups Year 7 Student Groups
8S – Lucas, Memphis and James 7S – Imogen and Alicia
8S – Quinn, Chloe, Soah, Kafil, Poppy and Inara 7S – Lachie, Heath and Flynn
8S – Tyler, Oliver, Hunter and Edward 7S – Sophie, Charlie and Abby
8S – Ben, Jess and Ella 7S – Kaela and Victoria
8S – Lena, Sharna, Evan and Caleb 7S – Rhys, Dylan and Jake
8S – Jeff, Faye and Campbell 7S – Ash, Xav and Jak
7S – Connor, Hayley and Bella
7S – Milee, Alyssa and Steph
7S- Odin, Huxley and Jack

Feedback Form


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