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In the past few years, Trafalgar High School has taken significant steps towards the attainment of a digital environment. This has included upgrades to the school network and wireless infrastructure and the implementation of the Compass System for timetabling, student management, roll marking, reporting and communication within our school community.

The changes we are making to the digital learning environment are crucial if we are to provide the appropriate learning framework for each student in our school. The demands for digital technology literacy can be found in all aspects of our lives. For young people, the demands for skills and literacy in this area of learning will only increase. The BYOD approach will ensure your child is equipped for the present and skilled appropriately for the future.

The school preference for student devices is to opt for our ‘Managed BYOD’ program ( Option 1).  The success of our Managed BYOD program is proven by the increased uptake each year from parents and guardians. By opting to go with the Managed BYOD program, we can ensure your child has access to a device throughout their years of schooling at Trafalgar High School.

This page contains information for parents, carers and students on suitable devices, our BYOD policy, purchasing options and support resources. It will continue to be updated as more information is made available.

BYOD Options

Students have three options:

  1. Purchase a recommended device from our preferred supplier
  2. Purchase a device that meets our minimum requirements from an independent store.
  3. Bring a suitable device from home if they already own one, if it meets the minimum requirements listed below.


Edunet – Supplier Purchasing Portal

Trafalgar High School has approached Edunet to become our official supplier.

They are a reputable company that have been tested and approved by the Department Of Education and Training and they offer a number of products for entry level, mid-level and advanced computing.

We highly recommend that you purchase your device through Edunet. The school technicians are unable to provide any software or hardware support to any devices that have not been purchased through our supplier.

The Edunet ordering portal has been specifically designed for school environments. The online portal is a step by step system allowing you to select your device, accessories (if applicable), extended warranty and insurance. They offer flexible payment methods and will ship the device directly to the school in a secure and timely manner.

How to Place an Order

Edunet Portal Video

The Edunet 2022 Parent Portal is now finalized and available for orders.

Please view the above links for more information about the ordering process and view the short video to gain more understanding of what Edunet provide to parents/guardians.

Portal Address

Access code: THS2022 

Where a device has been bought through Edunet, additional support will include:

  • Assistance with warranty claims and repairs
  • Full support with hardware & software issues
  • A suite of free preloaded software and device imaging.
  • Access to borrowable chargers from the library to suit these devices.
  • Opting into our Managed BYOD program provides your child with uninterrupted access to a device for the device duration. If there is a warranty or insurance claim where your device is no longer functioning, a replacement loan device will be offered to your child as early as possible to ensure their education is not interrupted due to a technical issue.


Recommended Devices

If you are buying a new device from somewhere other than our recommended supplier the minimum requirements are:

Note: If you are unsure if the device you are purchasing is going to meet the requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact our IT team who will be able to clarify some of the technical aspects listed below. 

Device Type Laptop/Netbook/Notebook
Operating System Windows 10 (Home/Pro)
Wireless Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Screen size 11”
Hard Drive Capacity 120GB SSD
Minimum Battery Life 6 Hours

Please note:  We no longer support Apple devices as an educational device at Trafalgar High School. Please contact the IT team for further information around this decision.

  • iPads, Android Tablets, Chromebooks, mobile phones and eBook readers are not suitable. 

What technical support can students expect from the schools IT Technician Team?

The following support will be provided to externally purchased devices:

  • Connection to the school network, printers, Compass and email.
  • Technicians will not be able to provide any hardware or software support for your device.
  • We also require the laptop charger to be tested and tagged to ensure no damage to electrical cable, this occurs on Tuesdays, this also easily enables us to locate owners of lost chargers.


Financial Hardship

We do recognize that, like uniforms, supplies and extracurricular activities, a laptop computer for student use represents a significant investment for families. Please contact the school for any further enquires: and our IT Team will make contact with you to discuss your situation.


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