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Trafalgar High School is committed to promoting an understanding through the school and its community that all students need to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes for a globalised world.

We aim to:

  • Expose students to international perspectives through subject disciplines.
  • Encourage a focus on contemporary skills ( including critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication ) specifically in certain subjects and classes.
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of the interconnections between Australia and other countries and cultures.
  • Understand international imperatives as part of the world of work and global citizenship.


Past experiences:

Paris France РArt, History Study Tour. 

Indonesia – Language Immersion , Cultural Experiences and Food Studies.

Trafalgar High School has a sister school in East Java (Smak Cor Jesu) and have worked closely with staff and students since 2014.

Fiji РCommunity Engagement 


Future planning:

2019 Italy Trip – Art, Food Study Tour.

Students will travel to Italy for 10 days where they will be involved in a wide range of cultural experiences.

Including creation of works of Art in Venice – Mask and Glass blowing experience.

They will work with Italian chefs to truly appreciate the culinary cuisine.

Students will also visit major historical tourist attractions – Colosseum, Trivi Fountain to name a few.

2019 Indonesia Trip


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