What is a ‘Folio Subject’?

As the term suggests, folio subjects are subjects that include the production of a folio as a major part of the assessment. Put simply, a folio is a ‘book’ you produce, containing your personal learning journey. The contents of this folio will depend on your VCE subject, and the projects you choose to undertake. 

The folio subjects at Trafalgar High School are;

Folio subjects are both demanding and highly rewarding. They require a considerable time commitment but many find the benefits of practical tasks and 
Why are some subjects different?

The reason for these ‘folio subjects’ is that certain industries have specific needs. These industries are looking for people with certain skill sets, and folios are a way to develop and present these skills. Design, construction, manufacturing and creative arts industries represent a huge workforce in this country and demand different approaches to learning. 

The creative industries, for example, represent some of the fastest growing industries in Victoria and the country. What are sometimes known as, 'copyright industries' provide a diverse range of careers possibilities, many of which are still in their infancies or yet to be created. This is fertile ground for future employment opportunities.

Top Arts work exhibition

What is a Folio?

Your folio will be a record or your learning. It should contain everything about your work. Your research, your ideas, your planning, your successes and failures, your goals and outcomes.

An example; Folio – Grace Leong – Top Arts

This folio can provide part of your entry to the workforce or further education. A folio enables others to see who you are and what you are capable of. They can trace your thinking, follow your approach to problems and how to solve them.

Certain university and TAFE courses rely heavily on your folio for entry. Both the presentation and contents of your folio become part of the interview or entrance process and can be as meaningful as your ATAR score.

Are Folio Subjects hard?

Producing a good folio is a big undertaking. It requires constant, ongoing attention. You need to be persistent, systematic and thorough. It’s not something you can simply throw together at the last minute. It is very demanding but at the same time, it can be extremely rewarding and personally satisfying.

As you develop your folio, you will see what you are learning. You will record your discoveries and visualise your goals. You will reflect on your experience and you will be able to share your ourcomes and journey with others.

Choosing Folio Subjects

Folio subjects should not be chosen lightly. They are not an easy option. They are, most definitely, the right options for certain industries and career paths. Having successfully completed a folio subject can also be a great advantage for other career options.

Something you must consider, is that achieving success in a folio subject will require a considerable, regular, time commitment. You can’t simply ‘wing it’ at the end. You need to factor this time element if you are considering more than one folio subject.

How to Succeed in a Folio Subject

Don’t be scared off. Folio subjects provide a chance to do something fantastic. But, be systematic, consistent and persistent. Students who are well organised and approach their learning seriously should be able to stay on top of producing their folio provided they are doing the work and regularly maintaining their folio. It really can be that simple. Your learning will be broken down, step by step. You just need to stay on top of this, each step of the way.

Before you Choose your Folio Subject

Discuss your ideas with the careers team. Talk to your current teachers; and find the VCE teachers of subjects you’re considering. Do your research. Look at examples of folios online and speak to other students who have completed folio subjects.