What is VET in Schools?

VET in Schools programs provide the opportunity for students to gain the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and a VET Certificate over the two years of the VCE.  The VET Certificate in most instances involves training in a specific vocational area, for a nationally recognised certificate within the National Training Framework

Our major RTO (Registered Training Organisation) providers are TAFE Gippsland and Community College Gippsland.

What are the advantages of VET in Schools?

  • Students gain the VCE as well as a VET Certificate at the same time.
  • Successful completion of a scored program provides eligibility for an enhanced Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) Depending on the VET course undertaken, students’ results may be included in their primary four, or may receive an increment. In order to be eligible for a fifth or sixth subject increment in their ATAR, students must complete a whole VET in Schools program, that is, qualify for both the VCE and the VET in Schools certificate. The increment is calculated by allocating 10 per cent of the 4th lowest of the student’s primary four VCE studies.


VET is an integral part of the VCAL program at Trafalgar High School. VET subjects enable students to satisfy the industry specific strand requirement of the VCAL certificate, while developing their skills, interest and qualifications in their chosen field. VCAL students also undertake work placement as part of their VCAL program, which allows students to apply the skills they have learnt through their VET course.

For more information on VCAL, see the VCAL pathways page.

What are the requirements of the VET in Schools programs?

We recommend a student in Year 11 select 5 VCE subjects plus one VET in Schools Certificate course.  In Year 12, students select 4 VCE subjects and continue with their VET in Schools Certificate course.  Students must satisfactorily complete 16 VCE units.

It should be noted that:

  • Students must satisfactorily complete the required VCE units to gain the Victorian Certificate of Education
  • Students must satisfactorily complete all the VET in Schools units to gain the VET Certificate

How are the programs organised?

Students will spend 4 days each week at Trafalgar High School studying their VCE units.  The VET day is spent with a Training Provider (Community College Gippsland, TAFE Gippsland) undertaking the VET in Schools units.

What special skills would I need?

All VCE/VET courses have been accredited by the Board of Studies and carry the same status/workload of any other VCE subject. These programs are not to be looked upon as a soft option; the workload and commitment required are as demanding as traditional VCE units. To undertake a VET subject students have to be more organised than VCE students because of the nature of the required work. A VET student must catch up on any VCE work missed while attending VET programs.

 How will I apply for VET in Schools?

  • Indicate your interest on the VCE Course Selection Form
  • Complete the Trafalgar High School VET Application Form and Agreement Form
  • Organise an interview with a School Careers Advisor & VET Coordinator
  • Be prepared to complete a separate application to the Training Provider.
  • Attend the compulsory VET Orientation Day at the TAFE in November.
  • Complete a TAFE enrolment form / VET Agreement and pay the VET fee in early October and additional fee at the commencement of the VET program.

What is the cost for VET in Schools programs?

Trafalgar High School charges each student undertaking a VET course about $450.00.  The Department of Education (DET) subsidises the balance of the course cost through funding to the school. There may also be additional costs to the student for work uniforms, tools and workbook manuals.

How do I get to the Training Provider?

Students will need to make individual arrangements for travel to and from the training campuses and sites for structured workplace learning.

Example pathways
  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • General Employment
  • Building Industry
  • Land care (farming)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Carpentry
  • Retail
  • Further TAFE Study

This is a guide only, please see the careers team for pathway planning advice.


Must complete application form and VET in VCAL or VET in VCE contract.


VET assessment is determined by the RTOs and not Trafalgar High School.