Performing Arts

The music program at Trafalgar High School is all about participation and interaction. We have recently introduced Musical Futures into our curriculum where students are given greater opportunities to experiment with a wide range of instruments and create music that is relevant to their lives. With this in mind, we encourage students to create their own music bands and have regular lunch time out door performances which bring in large crowds of supportive students.

Our instrumental program encompasses a broad range of musical interests where students can access private tuition from highly qualified and talented musicians. At Trafalgar High School, we offer tuition in Drums Guitar, Vocal , Piano and Brass, Woodwind and Strings. We also run a concert band where students perform a wide range of musical genres including traditional and contemporary pieces.

Drama and Dance play a large part in the life of the school. Our School Productions in particular boast considerable success and involve students across all year levels. Our standards are high and we achieve a finished product comparable with theatre far above that of high school Productions. Our last two shows (“Footloose” in 2012 and “World War Revue in 2014) have received high praise in all aspects of production, most obviously in acting, dance and music.

The sense of “community” is incredibly important in the performing arts. Students perform at a wide variety of public occasions that include intimate soirees, eisteddfods, performing arts nights, gallery openings, community festivals and youth initiatives. Success at VCE level has seen students perform Drama Solos at the National Theatre and Melbourne Recital Centre. Through these opportunities and ongoing classroom development we have seen the obvious enhancement of students’ team work, problem solving skills, self confidence, initiative, presentation and engagement.

Moving forward, we will continue to develop the Performing Arts program through ongoing use of the schools Dance Studio and Rock Room. Our Drama and Music spaces are always utilised to their maximum potential for creating an exciting and engaging classroom. This year more focus has been placed on ICT and updated equipment to enhance our Musical Futures curriculum.

Our students are incredibly talented and all of these exciting opportunities won’t count for much if they are not supported by parents, guardians and friends. We need to get behind our students and let as many people know what a vibrant, exciting, talented school Trafalgar High School is.

See you at the next Performing Arts event!

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