Sporting Curriculum Years 7-10

Students in Years 7-10 undertake a variety of sporting subjects throughout their junior years at Trafalgar High School. PASE (Physical Education, Personal Development & Sport Education) is offered in Years 7 & 8 as a core subject. In Year 8 students also have two semester length PASE subjects, specified in the areas of Physical Education and Health. Students in Year 9 & 10 take part in a Physical Education core subject. Year 9’s have a choice of Power Sports, Small Team Sports or Singles and Doubles as a 2 period elective. Year 10’s can choose Outdoor Education & Sports Academy as a major elective (2 periods a week) and Sport or Body & Soul as a minor elective (1 period a week).

Sporting Curriculum – VCE

Outdoor and Environmental Studies & Physical Education are the two sporting curriculum that are offered at the VCE level. Outdoor and Envorionmental Studies comprises of the following units:

  • Unit 1: Understanding Outdoor Experiences.
  • Unit 2: Environmental Impacts.
  • Unit 3: Relationaships with Natural Environments.
  • Unit 4: The Future of Human/Nature Interactions.

Physical Education comprises of the following units:

  • Unit 1: Bodies in Motion
  • Unit 2: Sports Coaching and Physically Active Lifestyles
  • Unit 3: Physical Acitivity Participation and Physiological Performance
  • Unit 4: Enhancing Performance
  • Interschool / House / Intraschool (Round Robins)
  • Southern Zone and State level competitions


Interschool Sports

Trafalgar High School competes against the other schools in West Gippsland region, (Drouin, Warragul and Neerim South Secondary Colleges), in the first round of the VSSSA sports competitions. A round robin day is held each term to allow as many games as possible to be played before the winners progress to the next round. Teams are formed in year levels, (7,8,9&10 combined and senior).

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