Brett Pedlow


Lee Jinks

7-9 Student Engagement & Wellbeing

Assistant Principal

Jimi Hopkins

10-12 Student Engagement & Wellbeing

Assistant Principal

Amanda McQualter

Student Learning & Outcomes

Assistant Principal

As a school community we develop our students academically, socially and emotionally in an environment which values a holistic approach to education, thus enabling students to leave Year 12 well educated, and possessing the necessary personal qualities to succeed. We prepare our students for the demands they will face in the workforce, society, and personal relationships. Our school is a 7-12 campus which allows greater interaction between senior and junior year levels; where students get to know all staff members.  Many extra-curricular activities are available to students including the music program, sporting activities, and debating club to involve students in the wider school community. Our students are actively encouraged to participate as it helps them make friendships and take on leadership roles. The Student Representative Council has an active role in the school and is a key element in the student voice in our community. The SRC has representatives from each year level.

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