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Trafalgar High School is a place of opportunity where students are encouraged to exhibit positive attitudes to learning, high levels of independence, cooperation, tolerance of others, self-discipline and pride in achievement. Courses of study offer a challenging environment across the eight Key Learning Areas (Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, LOTE, Technology, Mathematics and Humanities). At Trafalgar High School we support students to actively engage with their learning by setting challenging, achievable learning goals and self-monitoring their progress.

The Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEALP), established in 1997, differs from the mainstream program by providing: a faster paced curriculum which is non-repetitive with opportunities to work with more abstract, complex and in-depth course material. SEAL learning environments emphasise working co-operatively with students of similar abilities and interests. Trafalgar High School is the only school in Gippsland to be an active member of the Victorian Academy of SEAL Schools.

The LOTE program sees Indonesian taught within the school. Through this program, students acquire essential language skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing, while also developing an appreciation for the Indonesian culture and the significance of the language in today’s globalised world.

As an inclusive community, Trafalgar High School is committed to ensuring that all students can access and participate in education. The Disability Inclusion Profile and surrounding process helps schools and families identify the strengths, functional needs, and educational adjustments the school can make to assist students with disability and additional learning needs.

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